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How to Dispose of Vehicle Fluids Safely and Sustainably

When you buy a vehicle, that means you have to care for it, and perhaps you are handy and are able to do some of the regular work yourself, such as a standard oil change. While that's great, you also need to know how to dispose of vehicle fluids in a safe and sustainable manner. Some of the practices are on the common sense side while others are things only mechanics might know.

Every vehicle will need oil and filter changes so one of the fluids that are most often necessary to dispose of is the old oil itself. Engine oil recycling is something that is easier to do now than ever before. It's important to get a container to hold the old oil so it can be caught and sealed off tightly. You can then take it in for recycling after you change the oil. The catch containers are available through most auto parts stores.

It is also nice to have a drip tray on hand to catch any of the oil that misses the container. It won't seep into the ground that way, but rather, will be caught so you can save it as well. You may be able to get oil containers from the city recycling centers to help car owners dispose of the oils properly.

You want to make sure you don't mix any auto fluids together and clean the old fluids up before you add anything new to the vehicle. Many fluids that come from a vehicle are toxic to both humans and animals so you want to make sure you don't leave anything out lying around where someone could stumble upon it and hurt themselves.

If you don't know how to dispose of your vehicle fluids in a safe and sustainable manner, you might want to have the auto repair shop take care of changing your fluids out and disposing of them for you. It can be easier than trying to learn all of the rules and regulations yourself. Bring your vehicle to us for any fluid change and we will make sure things are done correctly.