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Tips to Make the Tires Last Longer

There's nothing more frustrating than having to spend your hard-earned money on a new set of tires? If you aren't a tire enthusiast, you may want to extend your tires' lifespan for as long as possible. Responsible driving means consistent tire maintenance. We understand that you're busy, but some tasks may only take a few minutes of your time. If you want to increase your tire's life while also drastically improving your ride, below are a few helpful tips to make your tires more efficient. 

Regularly check your tire air pressure.
Maintaining the correct tire pressure is pretty simple. The recommended tire pressure is located on the inside of the driver side door jam. If you don't own a tire pressure gauge, there are usually some available at the gas station. It's essential to check your tire pressure because you can lose about a pound per square inch of pressure monthly. During the winter, the tire pressure can be lower. During the summer, the tire pressure can be higher. Regularly checking the tire pressure can boost handling and performance. It can also prevent unnecessary wear and tear. 

Check the wheel alignment.
Are you curious about whether your vehicle is properly aligned? Take your vehicle on a drive down a smooth, flat road. While you're driving, if your car drifts right or left, there's most likely an alignment issue. When the wheels are misaligned, the steering wheel will also vibrate and shake. It's crucial that you have your vehicle inspected the moment you notice an issue. Even the smallest amount of misalignment can significantly reduce fuel efficiency and increase tread wear. Have your car's alignment checked every six months. 

Balance the wheels.
During a wheel balance, an expert will place weights on your vehicle to ensure your wheels are at equal weight. At Big G Tire Pros has a high-quality, specialized machine to perform this service. As your tire wears over time, its weight may need to be adjusted. Adjusting the weight is a simple process that doesn't usually take much time. Have your wheels checked at least once a year to maintain their efficiency. 

Get your tires rotated.
Having your tires rotated at least every 5,000 miles can help them last longer. A tire rotation involves moving the tires to different positions, so the tire wears even tires. Depending on the type of vehicle, your tires can wear more in some areas than others. For example, in front-wheel tires, your tires will wear quicker in the front. Rotating them will prevent excess wear in one place of the tire. 

Tire maintenance and service in Monongahela & Bridgeville, PA 

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