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Ways to Properly Sanitize Your Vehicle

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted daily life across the world. Safety is now a key factor in the fight against this virus. You may wash your hands, wear a mask, sanitize but don't forget your car. It is equally a point of contact to the pandemic.

With lockdowns, people travel much less, but still, the risk of exposure through your car shouldn't be ignored. On some surfaces, COVID-19 can survive for about three days, and your vehicle has a high chance of holding the virus.

The CDC has set some recommendations for sanitizing surfaces such as your car to prevent contamination. Droplets from an infected person can land on surfaces, and a person may touch and get infected.

Sanitizing your car should be done appropriately for effectiveness. This is how you can safely disinfect your vehicle.

Protect yourself with the right tools

When disinfecting your car, make sure you are wearing the appropriate protective gear.

  • CDC recommends wearing disposable gloves before touching the surface.
  • You also need to apply a generous amount of alcohol-based sanitizer on your hands before wearing gloves.
  • Wear a mask, long-sleeved tops, and jeans to prevent direct contact to your skin.
  • Go for alcohol-based wipes or sprays with about 70% alcohol to sanitize your car.

Use alcohol-based solutions

  • Use a soft cloth dampened with a solution with at least 70 percent alcohol to clean interior surfaces. Start with the most frequently touched surfaces like inside door handles, gear shift, indicator levers, steering wheel, radio knobs, airconditioning buttons, safety belts, armrests, among others. Where you share car keys, sanitize them but don't damage the keyless entry circuit boards.
  • Don't use ammonia-based solutions on screens; they can damage the anti-glare effect compromising safety.
  • Don't forget to clean the interior of the boot. This is where you mostly carry most of your shopping and other things, making it a high-risk area. Clean and disinfect thoroughly.

After cleaning and disinfecting, every area of your car, wash your hands thoroughly with a recommended disinfectant. Also, make sure any passenger that enters your vehicle from now on wash or sanitize their hands.