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What Do Your Tires' Wear Pattern Mean?

You've probably heard mechanics stress the importance of even tire wear before and thought it was ridiculous. However, it's true. If you notice that your tires are wearing down in odd places such as the center, edges, or inner or outer sections, you should take your car to a trusted auto repair shop stat. By having regular tire inspections, you can detect and fix problems early on before they become severe and costly. To help you determine what's wrong with your tires, here's what you should know about these abnormal types of wear patterns.


If your tires are patchy, it most likely means that your wheels need to be balanced. You may need a wheel balance and tire rotation to fix the problem. 


If your tires look sunken in the center, your tires may be overinflated. Overfilling your tires may seem a good idea at first, but it is highly frowned upon as it can cause you to overwear the center of your tires. Next time you fill up your tires, make sure you follow the psi recommended by your manufacturer.


Excessive wear on the edges can lead to the decline of your tires. In this case, it means that you've been driving with them underinflated. We recommend you measure your tire pressure with a gauge and refill your tires to their correct pressure! 


Scalloped tires, also known as cupped tires, usually symbolizes that your suspension parts are damaged or worn out. You may also hear unusual rumbling sounds or vibrations encompassing the tire wear. 


Wear on the inner or outer regions of the tire is also called toe wear. This type of wear usually correlates with a misalignment problem. You may also experience random drifting in one direction when trying to drive straight. 


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