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What is the Difference Between Shocks and Struts?

The chances are good even if you are only vaguely familiar with vehicles that you have heard about shock absorbers or shocks and their function. Chances are also pretty good that you either have not heard about struts, have no idea what they do, or think that they are just another name for shocks.

Shocks and struts are two very important pieces of equipment for your vehicle, however, and without them your ride would be much less comfortable and even dangerous. Here is the difference between shocks and struts.


Shocks absorb road shock. They function exactly as their name implies. Shocks are not part of the vehicle's suspension and you could drive with bad shocks and even no shocks at all. Your ride would just be really bumpy and possibly dangerous if you lost control of your vehicle.

Another function of shocks is on vehicles that use an upper and lower control arm to position the suspension or have a rear solid axle. The shocks in this case absorb road bumps, improve the feel and handling of the vehicle.


Struts also absorb road shock, such as potholes and they play a very important role as part of the vehicle's suspension. A strut functions as a connection point between the wheel and the vehicle body. They are most often part of the chassis on front-wheel drive vehicles, although they are not limited to front-wheel drive vehicles.

The purpose of the strut is to absorb road shock and support the weight of the vehicle, which ensures a smooth ride. It allows shocks to the chassis of the vehicle to be muted, ensuring vehicle riders do not feel every little bump and pothole, which would be incredibly uncomfortable and dangerous.

Working in Tandem

Shocks and struts work together to ensure as smooth a ride as possible on virtually any type of road. If one or the other wears out or fails, the result is an uncomfortable and dangerous ride

Those are the differences between shocks and struts. If you need shocks or struts replacement, give our auto repair shop a call today.