How to Safely Navigate Potholes: Tips to Protect Your Vehicle

Encountering a pothole while driving can be daunting, especially if you're unsure how to react. While it may seem like you have to swerve, hit the brakes, or go through them, the truth is that avoiding potholes as much as possible is the best way to prevent damage to your car. Potholes can cause significant harm to your vehicle, and not knowing how to handle the situation can make it worse. Here are some tips to avoid pothole damage:

Stay Alert and Watch for Potholes: Keep your eyes on the road and pay attention to what's ahead of you. Watching the behavior of the vehicles in front of you can help you identify potholes early, allowing you to react accordingly. Keep a safe distance from other cars to ensure that you have enough time to stop or swerve if needed.

Beware of Puddles: Don't assume that puddles are harmless; they may be hiding deep potholes.

Trust Your Intuition on When to Slow Down: If you decide to slow down, make sure you have enough time to do it safely. Check your rearview mirror and release the brakes as you hit the pothole to minimize damage.

Sometimes, Drive Full Speed Ahead: In some cases, it may be better to drive straight through the pothole instead of swerving. If it's too late to avoid it or if other vehicles or objects prevent you from changing lanes, driving straight through may be your best option. This can also help avoid weight transfer, which can worsen the impact.

If you think your car has suffered damage from a pothole, visit us at Big G Tire Pro for an inspection. Our certified technicians will examine your vehicle and provide the necessary repairs to keep you on the road.


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