Shocks vs. Struts: Understanding the Difference

If you are somewhat familiar with vehicles, chances are you've heard about shock absorbers or shocks and their function. However, you may not have heard about struts or have little idea of what they do, and may even think that they are just another name for shocks.

Despite this, both shocks and struts are crucial components of your vehicle, and without them, your ride would be significantly less comfortable and even dangerous. So what is the difference between shocks and struts?

SHOCKSShocks, as their name implies, are designed to absorb road shock. They are not a part of the vehicle's suspension, and you could drive with bad shocks or no shocks at all, but your ride would be extremely bumpy and possibly dangerous if you lost control of your vehicle.

Shocks also play another important role in vehicles that use an upper and lower control arm to position the suspension or have a rear solid axle. They absorb road bumps, improve vehicle feel, and handling.

STRUTSStruts, like shocks, absorb road shock, such as potholes, and play a crucial role as part of the vehicle's suspension. They function as a connection point between the wheel and the vehicle body, supporting the weight of the vehicle and ensuring a smooth ride.

Struts are typically part of the chassis on front-wheel drive vehicles, but they are not limited to such vehicles. They allow shocks to the chassis of the vehicle to be muted, ensuring that vehicle riders do not feel every little bump and pothole, which could be incredibly uncomfortable and dangerous.

WORKING TOGETHERShocks and struts work in tandem to ensure as smooth a ride as possible on virtually any type of road. If one or the other wears out or fails, the result is an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous ride.

So, these are the differences between shocks and struts. If you require replacement of shocks or struts, please give our auto repair shop a call today.


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