Sustainable Disposal of Vehicle Fluids: Tips and Guidelines

Caring for your vehicle means not only being able to perform regular maintenance tasks like oil changes but also knowing how to dispose of vehicle fluids safely and sustainably. While some disposal practices are common sense, others are known only to mechanics. One of the fluids that require proper disposal is old oil, which is typically generated during oil and filter changes.

Fortunately, engine oil recycling is now more accessible than ever. You can get a container to collect the used oil and ensure it's tightly sealed before taking it for recycling. You can find these containers at most auto parts stores. Additionally, having a drip tray on hand to catch any oil spills is a good idea to avoid seeping into the ground.

It's essential not to mix any vehicle fluids together and dispose of the old fluids before adding new ones. Many vehicle fluids contain harmful chemicals that can be toxic to both humans and animals. Therefore, it's crucial to ensure they're stored safely and kept out of the reach of others.

If you're unsure how to dispose of your vehicle fluids safely and sustainably, it's best to have an auto repair shop take care of it for you. They can help change your fluids and dispose of them according to the rules and regulations. Bring your vehicle to us, and we'll ensure your fluids are changed correctly and disposed of safely.


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